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Staff Writer for Biomedical Blog, a news site dedicated to delivering the latest updates from the biomedical industry, research, and market.

Contributing Writer for Piki Geek, a gaming news website.

Flash Fiction

Title: Soles
Synopsis: Flash fiction piece about growing up with the ghostly owners’ of old shoes.
Link: http://larksfictionmagazine.blogspot.com/2011/08/issue-one-volume-two.html

Title: Santa’s Little Helper
Synopsis: A comedic look at a teenage girl’s indentured servitude to Santa Claus and how she must repent for a childhood crime against the jolly Saint that was entirely beyond her control.
Link: By request.

Title: Photogenic
Synopsis: Short story about a man on a quest to rip up all his old photographs because they’ve been cursed to come to life, forcing him to face and care for younger versions of himself.
Link: By request.

Title: The Easy Side of the Egg
Synopsis: Magical realism love story about a man who lured his wife with wit, charm and a pet hen with delicious eggs.
Link: By request.

Title: Racing Time
Synopsis: An old man is blessed by a restless boy with a great heart.
Link: http://figment.com/books/170093-Racing-Time

Short Stories

Title: Submerged
Synopsis: A widowed dentist must overcome his fear of water with the help of a magic fishbowl and a strangely attractive pet-shop owner.
Link: By request.

Title: The Heir of SableSpire
Synopsis: The dark crystal tower presiding on the cursed island of ash houses a mine of communication crystals for the kingdom of Veruan. The Baron of SableSpire must guard the secret cache and oversee the Master Crystal’s safekeeping while ensuring his precocious daughter finds a suitable suitor to next inherit the duty.
Link: By request.

Title: Ailuromancy
Synopsis: Ailuromancy is the art of divination via the use of cats. This is a steampunk fantasy about an optimistic orphan and her misadventures with an exiled fortune-teller and his were-cat assistant.
Link: By request.

Title: The Lady Fidela
Synopsis: Fairy tale about a roguish prince and his search for his mother’s shadow which somehow attached itself to a fledgling witch who possesses no potent powers or desire to cause such political trouble.
Link: By request.

Title: TrueLove Build 4.0
Synopsis: A programmer builds a virtual world with AI modeled after the personalities and consciousness of fellow students at her university. Although the program was designed to predict what kind of lifestyles and careers and choices the avatars would converge to, her personal avatar becomes constantly intertwined with that of another persona, leading her to seek him out in real life. Who she finds goes beyond the expected, or even the real.
Link: By request.

Novels / Novellas

Title: The Demon-Sitter
Synopsis: A girl who innately nullifies magic and uses her immunity to care for the offspring of several local demons and magical beings.
Link: By request.

Title: Rampant Brush
Synopsis: A fantasy tale expanding upon the Chinese folktale of the “Magic Paintbrush”. Two sisters as descendants of the original Painter, and the only ones able to use the brush’s powers, are separated and pitted against each other by opposing factions for control over the Painted Kingdom. In the struggle for resolution and reconciling their own beliefs, they find love and friendships that carry them back to each other and end the conflict that marred their childhood.
Link: By request.

Title: The Gorgon’s Gift
Synopsis: An old crusader slays the last gorgon queen, but finds in the luster of her treasure room a blind baby boy. Years later, the man falls ill, and the adopted boy uses his ability to steal sight from others in a desperate attempt to bring his father comfort in the rugged capital city. His gift does not go unnoticed by the blindfolded priests of the River Temple, who have long awaited his prophetic arrival.
Link: By request.