Austin Bakes for Bastrop!

Kind-hearted denizens of Austin and the internets, I beg of you a small inconvenience that may feed both your spiritual and gastronomical appetite. On Saturday, October 1, between the hours of 10AM and 2PM, a small band of bakers seeks your charitable attentions to benefit the victims of Bastrop’s wildfire.

Check the map and the website for more details:

Red Rome

Found some neat poetry written from the view of

… a Roman plebeian c. 60 AD who, having surviv[ed] the persecution under Nero and the Great Fire of Rome, begins to rethink his spiritual apathy, all the while struggling with tyranny and the limits of his own manhood.

Some people are so incredibly creative with their projects. I don’t have the historical knowledge, nor a sufficient level of empathy to place myself into the shoes of a person from a former time, much less write POETRY with their voice. If I had gold to spare, I would love to donate to this. Alas, all I can offer is a tiny¬†smidgen of publicity and my well-wishes.