Amazon might open its own retail store to sell Kindles and e-books

This is a complete reversal of my expectations for major bookstores. I have a few reservations about Amazon going brick and mortar, but overall, I think it would benefit the publishing industry.

Austin Bakes for Bastrop!

Kind-hearted denizens of Austin and the internets, I beg of you a small inconvenience that may feed both your spiritual and gastronomical appetite. On Saturday, October 1, between the hours of 10AM and 2PM, a small band of bakers seeks your charitable attentions to benefit the victims of Bastrop’s wildfire.

Check the map and the website for more details:

Hini ひんい = Japanese for Grace, Dignity

I just watched a Japanese couple in their 70’s rummaging through the rubble of their home, scurrying to wash and re-establish themselves as quickly as possible so they could move on to help others.

The Japanese carry within them many admirable traits. They are resilient, civil and graceful. They have not succumbed to mass panic, roaming the streets like rabid dogs, looting the fruit of their neighbors. They carry their own burdens, even the children and the elderly, and weep silently into the crooks of their own arms. I have not seen beggars on their knees, imploring the news crews for aid. I have not seen the feral hunger of the street invade their lines of order and efficiency. They lead with the best of the humanized traits, almost impervious to the expected devolution that often accompanies disaster. They are admirable and I have nothing but the highest respect for these citizens who have shown such love for each other and their country.