Minimizing Wedding Planning Stress

The restless, agitated mind,
Hard to protect, hard to control.
The sage makes straight, 
As the fletcher the shaft of an arrow.

Like a fish out of water,
Thrown on dry ground,
This mind thrashes about, 
Trying to escape Mara's command.

The mind, hard to control,
Flighty, alighting where it wishes - 
One does well to tame. 
The disciplined mind brings happiness.
-Dhammapada 33-35

The stress of wedding planning and coordinating started to infiltrate my reverie. I found myself unable to enjoy my usual exploits of reading, cooking, playing videogames, etc. I think it is vital for anyone who has to plan their own wedding to note that scheduling time for fun is also important. Immersing oneself in a hobby is not the same as losing oneself in the endeavor and I know it seems non-sensical to remove the spontaneity of “fun”, but in the pursuit of maintaining sanity, it has to be done. Discipline and an organized mind really is the surest way to safeguard happiness.


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KT is an avid foodie/gamer/SFF reader with expertise in a variety of bizarre fields. Her love for technology, science, and internet media is only matched by her fondness for music, language and art. Karen is an aspiring writer with a meandering past. Her law and engineering books make wonderful counterweights to her fiction collections. She hopes to one day publish a novel, most likely in the young adult genre, but the future is an open book.

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