Why I Won’t be buying Mass Effect 3 On/Before Launch Day

[Regretful but steadfast] I will not be purchasing Mass Effect 3 on launch day because of the poor treatment I have received from EA. (Totally read that in an Elcor’s voice).

We can work this out, EA. / You should apologize.
We can work this out, EA. / You should apologize.

I miss the days of blind fandom. Foregoing trick-or-treating to play Majora’s Mask while in my Sailor Mars costume. Skipping my last class to watch The Matrix (#3, don’t judge me). Lining up for Harry Potter during exam week. I’ve done some silly things in the name of fandom.

I also love Mass Effect and the games birthed by BioWare. I was so looking forward to ME3, like my  unborn child. My desktop has been decked out like a little Mass Effect nursery, what with the Normandy wallpapers and the demo screenshots screensaver.

Kaidan returns in Mass Effect 3.

Doesn’t the game look gorgeous? How could anybody watch the trailers and not have that guttural earthquake of desire running through their veins?

But there is a problem: EA.

While I’m not a big fan of TotalBiscuit and his gnarly, abrasive crack-speed voice, he makes an honest journalist and I respect his opinion on the DLC matter.

The point of his soapbox rant was basically that BioWare was shipping an unfinished product and that EA was withholding vital story content in the form of DLC that could easily have been included on launch. Monetization. EA assures dissenters that the DLC will not affect the game experience, but I’m one of those fans that considers every piece of dialogue and character as potentially vital to my experience.

I also value my money and supporting companies with some integrity.

Boycotting a game on launch might not seem to matter. I know I’m a customer, not a shareholder, but in a way am at least a stakeholder. My purchasing decision is really the only form of political efficacy I have in this instance. I don’t want gaming companies to continue this trend.

My gaming values differ from others. I see storyline as the core of a game and stretching it across other pricier packages irks my sensibilities. Had the DLC been a cosmetic modification, say a few extra guns or some ribbons for Joker’s hair, I wouldn’t be nearly as offended.

[Edit] I should also say that pirating the game is not on the agenda either. This is not some self-entitled diatribe. I am entitled to nothing other than some civility and fair treatment.There are plenty of people who worked hard to develop the game. If I continue to behave with integrity, I can only hope others will follow suit. Now to draft that eloquent complaint letter…


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