Racing Time

Hey folks! I have just published a flash fiction piece for the Junot Diaz contest on Junot Diaz is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a professor of writing at MIT. I stumbled on one of his quotes while I was touring the campus and it immediately struck a note with me. If you can spare the time to read my entry and vote for it by clicking the ❤ (heart), please do. It will ask you to create an account (or link to facebook or twitter), which I know is troublesome, but every vote counts.

The story is less than 1000 words and describes an old man who is blessed by the actions of a restless boy with a big heart. I hope you like it.


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KT is an avid foodie/gamer/SFF reader with expertise in a variety of bizarre fields. Her love for technology, science, and internet media is only matched by her fondness for music, language and art. Karen is an aspiring writer with a meandering past. Her law and engineering books make wonderful counterweights to her fiction collections. She hopes to one day publish a novel, most likely in the young adult genre, but the future is an open book.

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