Once Upon a Time – La Belle Nouveau

Emilie de Ravin - La Belle Nouveau

It was announced today that Emilie de Ravin (of Lost fame) will play Belle in episode 12 of ABC’s Once Upon a Time. I can’t imagine how the show will play out ten weeks from now, but I’m eager to see after watching episode 2 and 3. As previously mentioned, the show needed a lot of improvement to successfully retain my attention, but succeed it did.

Character development has taken a few leaps since episode 1. I love that Snow White is not the fauna-enticing Mary-Sue painted in normal lore. The show’s pacing is critically balanced by the plot interactions in present-day Storybrooke and the Fairytale world. I’m leaning precariously in favor of the fairytale, but the modern-day plot has a few golden points.

Henry is less annoying because I understand his role is absolutely necessary for the show to progress. Exposition is nigh impossible without him to serve as a connecting point between all the characters.

The evil queen / madame mayor was also showcased in episode 2, and although I’m not immediately sympathetic for her plight, not knowing what it was that Snow White did to “ruin” her happiness, I am vaguely aware that the crime pushed her to forsake both her husband and father in an attempt at vengeance. At the same time, I’m not sure why she chooses to keep all the fairytale characters in her new world, if she hated them enough to throw away the people she truly loved. In other words, if she’s willing to kill the people close to her, why not her enemies?

The opening scene narrator confirmed that Evil Queen was the only one still aware of the curse. How had she known for so many days about Henry’s disillusionment and his book, but not read the final pages?

Scripting is still a little dull. Every time Emma says “kid”, I cringe. She has a perpetual wrinkle on her brow from astonishment or confusion. I’m starting to think her character is losing potency.

I’m amused with the parallels drawn between the fairy world and the modern world. The placement of Sleepy as an ineffective night guard and Grouchy as a janitor was a nice, comedic twist.

The one relevant love story between Prince Charming and Snow White was nicely fleshed out in episode 3. I expect to see much more of Charming aka James. Now that he’s awake, will he leave the scene entirely, or will he find ways to return to Snow White? You know what he promised.

A Sheriff + Emma love story doesn’t seem appropriate at this point, but considering the amount of time they spend in each other’s company, it wouldn’t surprise me. Also, if someone could be so kind to point out to me, who is the Sheriff and who is Dr. Whale? I think those references just blew right over my head, so I humbly submit to my ignorance.


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