Visually Stunning Recipe Compendiums Go to Battle

The three contenders:

Back in college, when I was supposed to be typing notes from a lecture, I would invariably end up on (henceforth, TS) or amazon or a long-forgotten precursor to grooveshark. I convinced myself that watching food channel and browsing foodpr0n was an educational and practical hobby and that forcing myself to salivate outside of mealtime was actually helping me to digest and lose weight. There’s no proof that this worked as part of a weight-loss regiment, as my bathroom scale would tell you.

Nowadays, I’m less hopeful about my cooking prowess, but I still like to entertain the notion of Future-Chef-Karen from time to time. Reddit’s /r/cooking and /r/recipes have been pretty solid sources, but they don’t offer that magical pop-up picture book feel that TS touted. In these past few years, TS has garnered some tough competition as well. In this review, I want to exclusively address websites that organize recipes by photos with less intrusive advertising / textual features – which means epicurious and chowhound, etc. are off the ballot.

Punchfork is a wonderfully safe alternative to TS because it does not immediately link to the blogs hosting the recipes. While this is bad for web traffic numbers on those particular blogs, I want my content screened and safe as a consumer. If the recipe is really worth delving into, I usually click the blog link and read from their page anyway. The variety and plethora of entries also makes PunchFork attractive. I am satisfied with the sorting options and the overall layout.

But sometimes too many options is a burden. Sometimes I just want a delicious meal/photo shoved in my face because my brain is fatigued from hunger or boredom. Rather than bumbling like a drunk savage to WTFSIMFD, This is when I consult Gojee and its massive “HD” foodshot glory. The recipes are meticulously curated, so don’t expect a large database of options, but what they have posted is therefore guaranteed to be of high quality. One of my annoyances with Gojee is the rather advanced ingredient list. Fennel pollen? Is that something I can ingest and where to I find such a thing? Perhaps I am still uncouth in these culinary matters– which is certainly not Gojee’s fault. The recipe preview is also not always easy to navigate.

Are there any other visual recipe collection websites I should check out?


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