Prepare for some rabid fanaticism, Mr. Rothfuss

My most prized possession...
I love his writing advice at the bottom.

My new favorite author, the snarky/eloquent/huggable Patrick Rothfuss, shall be touring in Houston this weekend. Yesterday, I called the bookstore “Murder by the Book” (a self-touted mystery shop) to reserve my copy of his sequel. The phone line was busy from 9:00-9:45 AM and when I finally made it through, the lady joined in my excitement and could no doubt hear my little jig as I stumbled around my cubicle.

You see, it is etiquette to purchase the tour headline novel from the bookstore hosting the book signing. I never knew that. Also, upon reservation, you receive a signing line number. I hope I can contain my fanaticism/bladder watching the 70 lucky folks in front of me.

I think I’ll bring him a box of cereal, some Rudy’s BBQ sauce and a pet armadillo. Maybe also a Keep Austin Weird tee. And the rights to name my first-born.

EDIT: Check out my prize above.


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