Fitness Goals

100 days until my birthday. I want to get back into shape. This is a compilation of some of my goals.

Based on the information you provided, your desirable body weight without clothes should fall between

113 lbs and 127 lbs

Based on the information you provided, you use approximately 1912 calories per day.

To meet your weight loss goal, try to limit your calories to
1412 per day. That way, you will lose approximately 1 lb. per week, as 1 lb. of fat equals about 3,500 calories. The USDA does not recommend a weight loss of more than 1 to 2 lbs. per week. (100 days ~= 14 weeks; my goal is 20 lbs, which is greater than 14 lbs.)

The recommended distribution of your daily calories is:

carbohydrates: 212 g
protein: 35 g
fat: 47 g

The recommended daily amounts of key vitamins and minerals are:

sodium: 2400 mg
calcium: 1000 mg
cholesterol: 200 mg
vitamin D: 5 mcg
vitamin C: 75 mg
iron: 18 mg
folate: 400 mcg
vitamin B12: 2.4 mcg
When you reach your weight loss goal, you can gradually increase your intake to 1912 calories to maintain your weight, providing you maintain the same physical activity level. if your physical activity level changes, use this tool to recalculate your daily calorie needs.


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KT is an avid foodie/gamer/SFF reader with expertise in a variety of bizarre fields. Her love for technology, science, and internet media is only matched by her fondness for music, language and art. Karen is an aspiring writer with a meandering past. Her law and engineering books make wonderful counterweights to her fiction collections. She hopes to one day publish a novel, most likely in the young adult genre, but the future is an open book.

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