Six Minute Story :: Hell’s Highway

Six Minute Story :: Hell’s Highway.

We bury them where the gods remain as sentinels to their homeward journey. We bury them where they can float back to their home planet. We bury them in twos, sole against sole, their elongated arms meeting in circular arches.

Author’s thoughts: I brainstormed a crazy plot-line… Humans would be infected by some alien disease that would lie dormant until their dying days. The disease manifests itself by mutating their corpses to elongate their arms and change their bodies in general. Whoever is first to witness the death or corpse is suddenly linked to the body, driven to insanity unless they carry the corpse to its final resting ground. Along the way, these pallbearers are visited by visions from the corpse’s life and some sort of valuable lesson is learned. When they finally make it to the resting grounds, the bodies are paired and the two pallbearers meet and their destinies are intertwined! Cliché!

Meanwhile, the alien disease is either as simple as some sort of fluke or as complicated as a specific organic alien probe to survey human interactions.


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KT is an avid foodie/gamer/SFF reader with expertise in a variety of bizarre fields. Her love for technology, science, and internet media is only matched by her fondness for music, language and art. Karen is an aspiring writer with a meandering past. Her law and engineering books make wonderful counterweights to her fiction collections. She hopes to one day publish a novel, most likely in the young adult genre, but the future is an open book.

One thought on “Six Minute Story :: Hell’s Highway”

  1. Hey Karen.

    We haven’t seen you around 6MS in a while. It looks like you are writing here and posting some interesting stuff (Love the poetry-in-a-Roman-voice project). Hope to see you back at Six Minute Story soon!

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